Enabling chatbots for voice

A text-based chatbot is table stakes for the enterprise, but it’s just one part of a solution to meet customers in their support channels of choice. So what does it take to extend the hard-won value of your chatbot to a voice channel?

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One Chatbot, Multiple Channels

For an enterprise currently supporting text-based chat assistants, the idea of leveraging that same knowledge base and supporting the required integrations with voice channels, and especially the telephone network, may seem like a daunting task.

Text and voice assistants face different operational challenges and typically require ongoing, independent optimization and maintenance.

Download the white paper to find out how Interactive Media's PhoneMyBot tackles this very challange by simplifying and enabling voice channels with your existing chatbot integration.

Leveraging the same NLU/NLP intelligence that powers conversational chat interactions for voice is the key value proposition of PhoneMyBot.

Scott Baker, Senior Analyst with Opus Research


The Opus Research “Vendors That Matter” series examines innovate firms uniquely qualified in offering enterprise technologies that are making a successful business impact. These companies represent what’s next in finding and delivering intelligent customer support and transforming digital experiences.

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